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  • Nuori - Tinted Lip Treats

Nuori - Tinted Lip Treats

Nuori's founder, Jasmin Bonnén currently splits her time between Copenhagen and New York. So it was only natural that the first two tinted versions of Nuori Lip Treat were inspired by these two very different cities. 
The tinted lip treat is a great alternative to traditional lipsticks.

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The shade 'Copenhagen' features a nude shade inspired by the city's effortlessly cool girls and the shade 'New York' features a energizing berry tint that puts you in that Empire State of mind.

  • Concrete by Comme Des
Garcons Perfums

Concrete by Comme Des Garcons Perfums

In a world where concrete is ubiquitous, the mundane fabric of urban cityscapes, now it is given disparate context: the uniquely refined realm of perfumery. Here, the prosaic is treated as precious; stereotypes subverted.

A versatile material finds an unpredictable form. An exploration of destruction, construction and creation, Concrete is a fragrance where material preconceptions are deftly demolished, paving the way for something new.

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The fragrance is contained within a shell of concrete and glass, hand-finished and held within a pocket of bubble-wrap. No longer does concrete create hegemony: here, each vessel is uniquely formed. Irregularity is celebrated.

Abstracted from its monolithic framework, this material has a startling impact; it commands fresh interpretation, invites new impressions. An investigation into subjectivity and context, here archetypes of beauty and conventions of luxury are wholly dissembled by Comme des Garçons.

  • Champs de PROVENCE
Eight & Bob

Champs de PROVENCE Eight & Bob

The creator of the Eight & Bob perfumes Albert Fouquet produced perfumes exclusively for his own personal use and that of those nearest to him. Each perfume was born from a memory of a place or of a person whose exclusivity and distinctiveness Fouquet wishes to transform into extraordinary fragrances to conserve them in time. 

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On this occasion Fouquet went from Antibes on the French Riviera to the home of Alessandro and Chiara to share with them the splendid spectacle of colours and the wonderful aromas. During one of his trips, while decanting one of the wines he produced from his own grapes, Alessandro told Fouquet that his next diplomatic post would be in the far-away Philippines. He enjoyed carrying out his work travelling around the world, but during his long stays abroad he always remembered with melancholy the beauty of Provence.

Some months later, when Alessandro and Chiara were already settled in the Philippines, they were surprised by the best present they could receive from their good friend. Only an artist such as Albert Fouquet was capable of transforming into a perfune the freshness of the exuberant aromas brought forth by the plants growing in the Provence countryside. A beautiful green flask contained all the magic of an unequalled perfume, unique in its fragrance and freshness: Champs de Provence.

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