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Anja Rubik

Original Anja Rubik

Top model and proudly self-proclaimed feminist Anja Rubik launches her first perfume '‘Original’’. In her own words the perfume’s goal is “to trigger a state of mind, to use the power of our sense of smell to connect with a message of empowerment.” As a reminder of her own originality the perfume the top notes are refreshing and spicy accords of pink pepper and green tea, while the perfume's base provides natural sweetness of resins. 


  • LEBON - Organic toothpaste

LEBON - Organic toothpaste

LEBON - Organic and eco-friendly toothpaste

Based on a great love for both the sea and nature, Stéphanie and her husband Richard founded LEBON in 2014. Gathering all their ideas to design the most uncompromising natural flavored toothpaste collection. The new collection is a tribute to the flavors and perfumes offered by the sea and nature - all toothpastes are eco-friendly, vegan and organic. The brand has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Elle to name a few.

The collection features 6 toothpastes including one natural whitening toothpaste. They are all made in France and comes in different sizes.


Explore the collection here. 





We are happy to announce that Bibliothèque is now a part of the permanent collection and is available as a limited-edition hair perfume and hand cream launching in May.


A single spritz along the nape of your neck is all you need to capture the vibrant atmosphere of a world in suspension—one rich with the scent of ancient pages, of old, leather-bound books on dark wooden shelves.

In this magical library, where generous tables are laden with rare books just waiting to be read, a bouquet of peonies and violets permeates the air. You can feel the polished oorboards creak under foot, the velvety feel of paper embodied in a touch of peach, plum, and vanilla. As always, the scent of patchouli forms the basis of the formula. 

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