• Issue 1:2017 Scenario Magazine

    In the post-factual society, things like truth and credibility are of little value and voters hardly care if politicians lie to them or not. How did this state of affairs come to be? Some claim that the post-factual society is a consequence of online filter bubbles that confine us to information and news delivered in accordance with our pre-existing political views and cultural leanings. Others say that the post-modernists’ lack of interest in definite truths is to blame. We provide the full picture in this issue’s main article… Other topics and articles in this issue: You Can Now Eat This Magazine / Homo Deus – Man as God / Wildcard: Motherhood Unlimited / Sociotech: Your Digital Footprint / Photo Series: Thrashers by Sacha Maric / The Neo-Generalist / Individual Resilience / Citizen Nature / News on Technology and Science / Futures Past: Sant’Elia and the Italian Futurists / Blogs / Books / Podcasts / Trends, Ideas, Visions and more…

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