• FENTY x PUMA SS17 collection

FENTY x PUMA SS17 collection


"These are clothes that Marie Antoinette might wear in a parallel universe, where state-of-the-art gyms and whale-boned corsets lived side by side." So there you have it. Street regal.

So, what is Rihanna up to now? She's surely taking her role at PUMA to a new level, cooking up some aromatic blends with these new street regal styles. The Spring ’17 FENTYxPUMA collection merges sport silhouettes with the romance and grandeur of 18th century France, and it is not going down quietly.

Rihanna, with PUMA's support, brings on her personal touch and creativity to the athletic world collaborating with PUMA to design and customize classic PUMA styles as well as to create new styles.

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  • 424 SS17
  • 424 SS17
  • 424 SS17
  • 424 SS17

424 SS17

Being one of the Storm faves, 424 continues explore new land under the direction of founder and designer Guillermo Andrade.

The SS17 collection is showcasing his imaginative skills, taking inspiration from his childhood in Guatemala. As Guillermo states it was as a time where he struggled, his family living without running water and electricity, helping his handyman father out with construction and house painting.

Guillermo Andrade has turned these memories into a vibrant collection “The Painter” with strong signal details emerging from the workwear-themed drop.

Available HERE

  • SSAW

SSAW Magazine

Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter is a Helsinki and London based biannual fashion and culture magazine. The 11th issue features internationally renowned artist such as Benny Horne, Marcus Ohlsson, Maciek Kobielski, Benjamin Vnuk, Frederik Lieberath and Boo George. 

Buy the S/S/A/W magazine here


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