• Eliyah Mesayer

Eliyah Mesayer

This body of work is a series of portraits of a alchemical process. Eliyah Mesayer introduces this series titled "PORTRAITS OF A PROCESS".

It's a recreation of a alchemical process of different silver reactions so these prints are digitally scanned after being developed. Therefore these editions are photographed portraits of the process and only exist as photographed prints, at the perfect moment when the various colors chemically appears.

These prints are curated editions of the process photographed just before the colors disappeared. A glimpse of a translated and transformed work inspired by the Alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayyan, Geber, c. 721 – c. 815.

  • ALYX AW17


E. 1999 Eterna - ALYX
“I believe that there are too many clothes on this earth” designer Matthew Williams states, which has lead him to the conclusion that “If I am going to take the responsibility of making clothing, I need to make something that deserves to exist.” And with that statement, Alyx's new collection was born. The collection is entitled E. 1999 Eternal, which is a reference to the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony album of the same name. 
  • 424 AW17

424 AW17

424 AW17 pre-release in store and online

424's creative mastermind Guillermo Andrade visited the store for the exclusive pre-release of the AW17 "broken window theory". See pictures from the event here.

See the collection here

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