• Dansk Skateboarding

Dansk Skateboarding

The skateboarding culture came to Denmark in the mid 1970s and has over the years gained a loyal following and become a respected subculture and community. This book tells the never before documented story of the highs and lows this subculture has experienced through the years. The books creators, Rasmus Folehave Hansen, Henrik Edelbo, Jacob Haagen Birch and Jon Nordstrøm, have collected snapshots, articles and interviews of this journey finally creating a book, which shows a beautiful cultural study exploring the aesthetics of this adventurous urban sport. Get your copy HERE

  • Puma x LimitEDitions

Puma x LimitEDitions

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, PUMA has joined forces with LimitEDitions to re-launch the Blaze of Glory sneaker. The Blaze of Glory sneaker has been a PUMA classic since the 90s, utilizing PUMA’s Trinomic technology and a one piece upper to create a futuristic silhouette that has stood the test of time. This archive running staple has been elevated through Limited Editions’ imaginative approach, exceptional use of materials and premium finishing. With inspiration drawn from the Castanyada festival, the All Saint’s Pack features two culinary inspired colourways. The chestnut and panellets Blaze Of Glory feature rich leathers, whilst premium mesh, colour pop lacing systems and a white midsole hint at the shoes performance heritage. Patterned inner lining featuring chestnuts and panellets add detailing whilst referencing the packs inspiration.

  • Christopher Ræburn

Christopher Ræburn

Christopher Ræburn’s collections demonstrate an abiding commitment to re-invention; an ongoing quest to find the utility and beauty in that which appears to be obsolete. Spring ⁄ Summer 2015 draws inspiration from The Desert Boneyard in Arizona, a nirvana for the creed of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The breathtakingly beautiful spectacle of up to 4,000 military aircraft, carefully stored and awaiting reintegration or reappropriation, is reflected in the colours, fabrics and motifs for the season. The result is an innovative and playful take on modern menswear, an immersive world inspired by military aviation. Have a look at the first Spring/Summer 2015 arrivals here

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