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Raf Simons XX Storm

Raf Simons has designed a tribute collection in celebration of Storm’s 20th anniversary. The collection symbolizes the enduring cooperation and upholding support between the two. The artwork featured on the t-shirts and sweatshirts is a hand-picked mix of archived artwork from Raf Simons’ antecedent collections. The artwork is inspired by rebellious movements of youth culture a big, influential, and inspirational factor for both Raf Simons and Rasmus Storm. Image shot by Danish photographer, Oliver Knauer. The Raf Simons XX Storm tribute collection will launch on Friday the 5th of September, 11:00am (CPH time) online and in-store.



OFF-WHITE presents its first women’s line "I Only Smoke When I Drink“. For this debut collection Virgil Abloh mixes street silhouettes with Parisian chic blurring the lines between street style and high-end luxury. Virgil told Style.com, "My goal is to transcend outside of the streetwear and surprise people in a way. I'm very honored to be selling at the stores that I'm at. These are the places that I love, so the goal for me is to intersect with a wider audience and just be a representative of what's happening in the street but have that square footage in the stores to kind of attract new fashion consumers."  Now available at Storm

  • Eytys


In 2013 it was announced that after a 36 year long journey, the American space probe “Voyager-1” had left our solar system and entered interstellar space. For FW’14, Eytys introduce the new style “Odyssey”. It comes with the same signature sole as debut style “Mother” but is equipped with higher shaft and tongue. It’s fully padded and has leather lining, making it highly suitable for winter wear. Mother and Odyssey are now also offered with black soles. The collection consists of artworks and animations based on Voyager-1’s vast expedition. The story unfolds in collaboration with London based artist and image-maker Tom Sewell who creates images stretching the possibilities that working digitally with colour allows. Exploring the themes of the wonders of nature, and inspired by psychedelia, pop culture and meditation, Sewell’s space surroundings are printed on sneakers as well as the FW’14 packaging. Get your Eytys here

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