• The White Briefs
x Nick Wooster

The White Briefs x Nick Wooster

Menswear fashion influencer Nick Wooster has joined forces with Swedish clothing brand The White Briefs in partnership with The Woolmark Company to create a 100% Merino wool capsule collection. The collection is based around a subtle color palette of black, dark grey and navy blue. The clean aesthetic of the collection combined with fine Australian Merino wool — the world’s softest wool fibers — gives an overall simplistic yet luxurious look and feel to every piece. The collection is available HERE

  • Autumn/Winter
Julien David

Autumn/Winter Julien David

The Autumn/Winter 2015 womenswear collection from Paris-born Tokyo-based designer Julien David just arrived! The collection offers the designers characteristic take on menswear inspired silhouettes combined with intricate detailing, all constructed with an extraordinary selection of materials. Have a closer look at the collection HERE

  • Holzweiler


Launching their first luxury scarf collection in 2012, Holzweiler presented to the market a wholly unique variety of prints and colours in an array of fabrics such as cashmere, silk and wool blends.The instant success of this release for the Norwegian brand firmly established Holzweiler designs as a reflection of the beauty of everyday life. Holzweiler collections are a combination of collaborations with contemporary artists as well as having a strong focus on street art, metaphor and the portrayal of these within design. 

Just ahead of the long dark days that loom over Scandinavia and the rest of the winter world, Storm is launching the Holzweiler’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection scarfs and ponchos in-store. Soon available online

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