• Spring/Summer 2015
Maison Kitsuné

Spring/Summer 2015 Maison Kitsuné

The spring/summer 2015 collection from the creative duo behind Maison Kitsuné is all about 'Effortless French'. The collection is based on the idea of French women’s ability to choose and balance well-made clothes resulting in a thoughtful and personalised ensemble. The campaign features Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara. Have a closer look at the collection HERE

  • Céline Sunglasses

Céline Sunglasses

Since Creative Director for Céline Phoebe Philo came into the position in 2008, the French fashion house has been the go-to brand for ultimate understated cool pieces. For their spring/summer 2015 campaign they have cemented that fact by featuring prolific writer Joan Didion as their model. Joan Didion started her career as a writer for Vogue in the early 60s and has since been widely recognized for her work which includes novels and investigative journalism. The 80-year old pioneer in writing was photographed by Juergen Teller dressed in her signature look; oversized black sunglasses and a black turtleneck. The Céline spring/summer 2015 collection of sunglasses is now available HERE.

  • Spring/Summer 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 A'N'D

Titled "Contemporary Still Life", the spring/summer 2015 collection from Azumi and David offers a selection of digitally printed everyday objects on luxurious materials such as silk. The inspiration for the collection came from the domestic beauty of the 16th and 17th century Dutch still life oil paintings. Azumi and David has linked past and contemporary life by creating a collection of silk dresses, scarves and bags with clear references to everyday items from back then combined with modern items. The prints mixes things like fruit, and flowers with takeaway coffee cups and smart phones. The combination of the old with the new in the prints, brings a sense of nostalgia while still looking forward and seeing how the world has evolved. All of this has resulted in a witty, innovative and aesthetically beautiful collection. Have a look at the collection here

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